Heavy Hitter Inc.

Heavy Hitter has been making personalized and collectible baseball bats since 1991. We were first to bring laser engraved bats to the market place and with our patented deep carving process on a Rawlings American north white ash bat. This bat is best gift in baseball.

The Best American Gift on the Market

by Lance nybye

Not only are these bats made in the USA they are a unique piece of Americas present and past. Baseball is uniquely American and represents not just a sport of skill, but hard work and getting things done, even if that mean sacrificing your at bat to move the runner over. Baseball unlike most sports also brings individual accountability. No complaining about the ball not being passed to you. When your holding that bat at the plate, what you do with it is of no fault but your own. So when you put a name on a Heavy Hitter bat. Its a special thing!


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