Heavy Hitter Inc.

Heavy Hitter has been making personalized and collectible baseball bats since 1991. We were first to bring laser engraved bats to the market place and with our patented deep carving process on a Rawlings American north white ash bat. This bat is best gift in baseball.

About Our Company

Heavy Hitter Inc was started by Lance Nybye Sr. and his wife Margie Nybye in 1991, with the intent to bring the best baseball product ever made to the fans that love their sport, and they did just that! Using a patented 3D carving process, Lance Sr. carved tens of thousand of bats over his professional career. A skill he learned in his 30's after a bike accident kept him in a full leg cast for over a year. He has always been a person to make the best of any circumstance, and it just so happens that injuring his leg forced him to think out of the box and it ended up being one of the best things that has ever happened to him. Today, Lance Nybye Jr. runs the company with his wife, Autumn Nybye. They started a subsidiary business in 2010 called Green Tree Jewelry. This business has taken up much of Lance Jr.'s time in recent years, but he is determined to get the Heavy Hitter bat back out there in a BIG way!